Front Page of Lima News as it appeared February 3, 2006:
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Instructor Tesa Jordan performs tai chi for St. John’s
students during a demonstration Thursday in the high school gymnasium in Delphos. Jordan will be working with students at the school teaching the art of tai chi.

Tai chi coming to Delphos St. John’s school

   DELPHOS — A local pastor thinks there could be a little more reverence in church these days, and he thinks a Chinese martial art is just the thing to help.
   That’s why the Rev. Thomas Gorman of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church is bringing a tai chi instructor to work with Delphos St. John’s School students this month.
   “I have found that the children with training in martial arts and ballet show a much greater presence physically during church services,” Gorman said. “They are much more capable of physical reverence, focus and attention.”
   Tai chi instructor Tesa Jordan will work with elementary through high school students beginning Feb 13. She will be there for two weeks. Free sessions for the public will be available from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. those days in the elementary school’s Little Theater.
   Jordan was at the school Thursday demonstrating tai chi for the students. Teachers attended a special training on it two weeks ago. Included were presentations on acupuncture and Reiki, a Japanese massage form of putting energy back into the body.
   Tai chi is a series of postures and exercises developed in China as a system of both self defense and as an aid to meditation. It is characterized by slow, relaxed, circular movements, and emphasizes correct posture and balance.
   Gorman said tai chi is used around the world to help energy better flow through the body. He said it is known to have a positive impact on children with attention problems, saying he hopes the training will prove to be positive in the classroom as well as in church.
   “If a child is better focused, I feel it will have a good impact in the classroom and in church,” he said. “I’m interested in both points of view.”
   Call 419-695-4050 to register for the sessions open to the public.
   What: Free Tai Chi classes
   When: 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. for two weeks beginning Feb. 13 (school days only)
   Where: Delphos St. John’s Elementary School Little Theater
   • Call 419-695-4050

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